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EDITOR’S NOTEWinter is on its way. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but let’s face it. This is Edmon-ton and if we don’t have snow on the ground by the time this edition is released, we can consider ourselves lucky.

With the cold weather comes the holiday season complete with great food and beverages. It also comes with tons of snow and a lack of physical activity for many Edmontonians. So we’re providing you with some great options in this edition so you can still partake in all the great festivities that come with the season, and not feel guilty come the New Year.

It’s tough heading to all those celebrations and trying to keep your healthy eating goals in check. We’ve put together a few articles to give you ideas for healthier holiday eating options and beverages to try when at those parties.

For those that love hitting the slopes and the first snowfall brings screams of joy rather than the misery many of us feel, our friends from Backside Tours have compiled a list of western Canada’s best mountain runs to get your heart rate up and your legs burning. This way you can feel better about the beverages you have at the end of the day while hanging out with friends in the chalet.

So rather than end the year on a bad note by sabotaging the health and fitness goals you achieved for 2014 in a couple short months, keep your focus on your health during the season so you can carry them over into 2015.

Happy holiday season from all of us at YEG Fitness. -TJ

TJ SADLER [emailprotected] (780) 504 - 7428

JOEL VERHAGEN Graphic Design


CHAN RIN Photographer


ROHANI LIM [emailprotected] (780) 909 - 5254

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Paul Plakas has been a personal trainer for 20 years. He has trained people at every level of fitness, from homemakers to profession-al athletes. For the past nine years, Paul has appeared on television, doing weight loss documentaries. He has also worked on the TV shows “X-Weighted and “Taking It Off”, both of which have won Gemini Awards.

Paul has joined the YEG Fitness team to answer reader questions and shed light on some health and fitness topics. This edition, he’s an-swering some fitness questions we’ve had asked by our readers over the past couple months.

Which fitness trends do you see taking off this year and which ones do you see disappearing?

People’s time is very valuable and they need to do something effective for that time spent. There’s going to be people doing less things “just for the fun of it” and more people training their body at an intensity level where they are at. They will be doing specific movement patterns after they have been given a proper assessment. They will be doing specific movements for the goals that they have in mind.

If they have any goals, they will work on a specific plan just for that rather than exercising just for the fun of it. People come up with new programs like these new surfing classes and that’s fun and people will try that. I don’t see that lasting. It’s fun sure. But if people are going to spend an hour of their lives exercising, then they are going to want to make it count.

I also see the senior population becoming more prominent in the next decade or so. The type of seniors that I work with plan to live to be 80, 90, 100 years old. They don’t just want to live. They want to be healthy. They’re looking for “quality” of life not just “quantity.” They want to live into their 90’s without needing to have somebody wipe their butts for them. They want to be independent for as long as they can. They’ll be doing things to maintain bone density, their endurance, and to stimulate their nervous system.

People aren’t going to be going for the gimmicky workouts. I’ve seen spin classes in the United States done underwater. Whatever’s going on in the US, we usually get about five years later. I don’t see any ben-efit to it. They tout it as something that can keep you cooler plus it’s easier on the joints doing it underwater.

Mind you I never thought hot yoga was going to catch and that’s been around for a long while. I may be wrong but I feel people will be doing less gimmicky stuff and doing more functional training.

How do I plan a fitness goal that will last the whole year rather than one that is doomed to fail shortly after I start?

People need to find out what obstacles will get them off track so they can’t complete their fitness goals. Start by being realistic with your goals. If you’re just getting off the coach maybe training for an Iron-man your first year isn’t the best choice. I see people all the time who aren’t in the best shape trying to do activities that aren’t suited for their body. Set a realistic goal and spend time training for it.

You also need a good support structure to allow you to succeed. You need to hang around people who are fit and active. You need to make friends with a group of people like a personal trainer, or the people at the Running Room or other like-minded people. It’s really hard to kick your own ass. Unless you’re highly motivated or unless you’re paying lots of money it’s difficult for most people to do this on their own.

Start with a realistic goal and set a plan for being able to reach it. May-be your goal is to get ready for a Spartan Race. Set your training to get ready for that goal. It gives you something to look forward to, and you can set your objectives to reach it. Many of my clients come to me without a goal. So what we do is we set an aesthetic goal. For some women clients we set an aesthetic goal of preparing for a nude photo. We set a date for a professional photographer to come take photos. We get the women up on a eating plan and a workout plan and gave them a timeline for when the photographer would be taking photos. This acts to motivate them to be serious about their goals.

I don’t have access to a gym. What are some exercises I can do at home to stay fit?

For that there are a variety of body weight exercises you can do. There’s a website called PT On The Net. It’s a personal training website. It’s probably the biggest one in the world and started back in the 90s. On there, they have basically every exercise known to man. You pick what equipment you’re using, what intensity level you want and they come up with exercises for you. So let’s say you put in body weight exer-cises in the search. There are literally thousands of exercises that it’ll give you.

All you need is some space, and then pick the exercise movement that’s designed for your fitness level. For example if you’re doing a squat, you can do a bodyweight squat if you’re just starting out. If you’re more advanced, you can do a squat jump. For this you would do a basic squat and then explode into the air. Another example would be doing basic lunges or you can try lunge jumps if you’re more advanced. There are also burpee variations. You could do a standard burpee or a one armed burpee. You could try a one-leg burpee. Also a opposite arm opposite leg burpee. Mix it up to keep it interesting.

Even calisthenics movements are great. Skaters, lateral lunges where you start on one leg and then explode to the other side. What’s im-portant is that you pick a movement that’s appropriate for your body.

What I’d suggest is that people go online and check out websites that show how to do bodyweight exercises. There are tons on YouTube and PT on the net. It also would be a good idea to set up a session with the trainer and tell them that you don’t have any weights at home and all you have is some space to work out. You can ask them “what are some movements that I can do at my fitness level and how can I progress from there.”

Have a question you’d like Paul to answer in our Jan/Feb edition? Email us at [emailprotected]

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Bust a Move for Breast Health is a six-hour fitness extravaganza that will have you sweating and moving to raise funds for the Cross Cancer Institute.

BAM Edmonton kicked off their 2015 campaign with a BANG at MKT Fresh Food & Beer Market on October 9 with touching stories of survival, updates on how past funds have been used, and even a quick workout from Chris Tse and Joe Lomnicki.

So grab your runners, call a few bosom buddies and put a team together to Bust a Move for Breast Health!

Bust A Move Kick Off Event

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REALISTIC NUTRITION DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASONby Christal Sczebel, RHN, RMT Holistic Nutritionist of Nutritionist in the Kitch blog

Ah, the holidays, tis’ the season…

It’s the time of year when all things indulgent seem to take over dining rooms, kitchen islands, coffee tables, conference rooms, and office desk drawers everywhere. There’s almost no escaping it, is there?! Well, although we sometimes feel powerless when it comes to keeping our nutrition in-check during the holiday season there are definitely ways to navi-gate all these temptation zones and stay accountable!

First of all, it’s important to understand what you DO have control over and what you DON’T. Let’s say some friends have invited you over to their house for a party, or your work is having it’s annual Christmas gathering – there’s really not much you can control about what will be served for food, but you can do a couple things that might help!

If you are invited to a party, it’s never polite to show up empty handed, so why not offer to bring a secretly healthy dessert like my Clean Eating Dark Chocolate Turtles or Healthy Eatmore Fudge Squares! This way you’ll be able to enjoy a little indulgence, without OVERindulging in some of the typical high calorie desserts you’ll find like cheesecake or profiteroles.

If you have a work function and there will be dinner that you can’t choose ahead of time – skip on the table bread and only eat a few bites of the dessert instead of a whole plate. Also, keeping the alcoholic drinks to a 2 drink max. limit - drinking extra water instead will save you tons of empty calories… not to mention the day-after headache!

Making your home a “safe zone” is also one of my favorite tips. You aren’t going to be LIVING in a Christmas party over the holiday season, even though it might seem like you have 100 to attend, you still have your home-base, “safety-zone”, a place you can plan and stay in control of what you get to eat and enjoy! So, try your best to make your home your healthy haven (if you are hosting a party, wait until the day of the party to buy treats, and send the leftover treats off with guests as they leave!).

It’s also a good idea to avoid the habit of “saving room” to binge at a party or gathering. This can really throw off your metabolism as you are basically signaling to your body to store every little calorie from that binge, rather than burn-ing it off. Plus, you’re likely to eat even MORE than you would if you just ate normally throughout the day before the party. Eat a healthy breakfast, like my Gluten Free Gin-gerbread Proatmeal Bake, healthy snacks and a lunch, like my No-Bean Sweet Potato, Kale, Turkey Chili, and by the time you get to your party, you won’t indulge like you would if you went there ravenous. Oh, and last but not least, don’t forget to stay active over the holidays! You are likely going to be consuming some ex-tra calories with the special meals and treats around, so it’s even more important to stick with a good exercise routine. Plus you’ll just feel better for it! When you exercise, don’t think of it as punishment because you indulged, rather think of it as treating your body with love, because you LOVE your body and all it is capable of! Make sure to fuel correctly be-fore your workout with a healthy holiday inspired snack, like my Vanilla Cranberry Cashew Protein Snow-Balls, and eat a balanced recovery snack post-workout too! I hope you are feeling a little more armed and ready to take on this holiday season and still be able to keep your nutri-tion in-check!

Give these holiday-inspired recipes a try and have an amazing and healthy Christmas!


Photo by Dong Kim

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PREP TIME15 mins

TOTAL TIME15 mins These turtles can be kept at room temperature, but the chocolate and date may soften and become sticky, so refrigerate to keep them at their best!

Serves: 15


1. Process dates in a food processor until they become a sticky and very thick jam-like consistency.

2. Roll the processed dates into 15 small balls, place on a lightly greased cookie sheet.

3. Press 3 pecan halves into the date balls.

4. Heat a small saucepan over low heat, add in dark chocolate and slowly melt into a sauce.

5. Pour a small amount of sauce over each date/pecan ball.

6. Place in the fridge to set for at least 10 minutes - the chocolate will harden and hold everything together.

7. Enjoy!


3½ oz dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa, preferably unsweetened or with an unrefined sweetener)

1 cup pitted dates

2 oz pecan halves

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONServing size: 1 turtle Calories: 80.9kcal Fat: 5.3g Carbohydrates: 9.8g Sugar: 7.7g Fiber: 0.8g Protein: 0.9g

Photo by Christal Sczebel

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Serves: 16


1. Put dates in a bowl with warm water, allow dates to soak for 30 minutes, then drain.

2. Mix together dates, almonds, walnuts, and ¼ cup cocoa powder in a food processor until well blended.

3. Spread mixture in a 9x5 baking pan until evenly distributed, and press down gently with a spoon.

4. Mix together bananas, almond butter, honey, and other ¼ cup cocoa powder in the food processor until well blended.

5. Spread mixture over bottom layer until evenly distributed.

6. Place in freezer for 30 minutes.

7. Cut into 16 squares. Re-freeze whatever you don’t eat and enjoy at another time!


1 cup pitted dates

½ cup almonds, unsalted

½ cup walnuts, unsalted

¼ cup + ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 ripe bananas

4 tbsp natural almond butter

4 tbsp unpasteurized honey

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONServing size: 1 square Calories: 142.5kcal Fat: 7.6g Carbohydrates: 19.8g Sugar: 13.5g Fiber: 3.1g Protein: 3.1g

Photo by Christal Sczebel

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Vanilla Cranberry Cashew Protein “Snowballs”





1. Soak and drain dates if needed.

2. In a food processor combine all ingredients, except for water/almond milk, and 2 tablespoons of coconut.

3. Process for 3 minutes until a crumbly, well incorporated consistency is achieved.

4. Add in 1 tablespoon of water/almond milk to make the mixture sticky enough to roll into balls.

5. Process again for 1 to 2 minutes. If the mixture seems too crumbly, add an additional tablespoon of water/almond milk and process again.

6. Once a sticky consistency is achieved, roll the batter into balls.

7. On a plate, spread out 2 tablespoons of shredded coconut and roll each protein ball in the coconut to create a layer on each ball.

8. Once all balls are complete, place in the fridge or freezer to set for 30 minutes. Store in the fridge or freezer.


1 cup raw cashews

1 cup pitted dates (soak in water first if not soft)

½ cup dried cranberries

½ cup + 2 tablespoons unsweetened shredded coconut

2 scoops North Coast Naturals Vanilla Iso-Protein

1-2 tablespoons water or unsweetened almond milk

Photo by Christal Sczebel

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COOK TIME20 hour


Serves: 5


1. In a large skillet, brown turkey over medium-high heat, breaking it up as it cooks into smaller pieces and season with salt and cumin.

2. When meat is browned and cooked through add onion and garlic; cook 3 minutes over medium heat. Add the diced tomatoes, sweet potato, tomato sauce, water, chili powder, paprika, salt and bay leaf.

3. Cover and simmer over medium-low heat until potatoes are soft and cooked through, about 20 minutes stirring occasionally. Add ¼ cup more water if needed.

4. Add in chopped kale, and stir until kale is wilted.

5. Remove bay leaf.

6. Top with a dollop of fat-free plain Greek yogurt, and a sprig of cilantro!

7. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS 500g extra lean ground turkey (or ground chicken breast, extra lean ground beef or bison, OR for veg-an - extra-firm (non GMO) tofu, or chopped Portobello mushroom!)

½ tsp salt

½ cup onion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1½ cups canned diced tomatoes

1½ cups tomato sauce

¾ cup water

½ tsp cumin

¼ tsp chili powder

¼ tsp paprika

1 cup chopped kale (70g)

1 medium sweet potato, peeled and diced into small cubes (250g)fresh cilantro, for garnish

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONServing size: 1 square Calories: 142.5kcal Fat: 7.6g Carbohydrates: 19.8g Sugar: 13.5g Fiber: 3.1g Protein: 3.1g

Photo by Christal Sczebel

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COOK TIME25 hour


Serves: 6


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. In a large bowl combine the dry ingredients, except for the coco-nut palm sugar.

3. In another bowl, whisk the egg and add in the wet ingredients as well as the coconut palm sugar.

4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir to combine. Fold in the raisins and the dates.

5. Line an 8x8 or 9x5 inch pan with parchment paper.

6. Pour batter into pan. Bake for about 25 - 30 minutes or until a toothpick pulls clean from the centre of the pan.

7. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS 1½ cups gluten free rolled oats

2 scoops (1/2 cup) natural vanilla protein powder (gluten free if needed - optional - if you do not want to use protein powder, use an additional ½ cup rolled oats)

¼ cup ground flaxseed

¼ cup coconut palm sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 egg, beaten

3 tablespoons unsulphured molasses

1½ cups unsweetened almond milk (or other milk of choice)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

¼ cup raisins

¼ cup chopped dates

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONServing size: 1/6 of recipe Calories: 241 kcal Fat: 4g Carbohydrates: 36g Sugar: 19g Fiber: 4g Protein: 14g

Christal Sczebel is a Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Massage Therapist. She has a passion for helping oth-

ers discover their best health through optimal nutrition and embracing a healthy lifestyle. Through education

and inspiration, Christal aims to empower others to live a healthier lifestyle, experience true wellness, and

to create, eat, and enjoy real whole foods. You can find delicious and healthy recipes, tips on nutrition, healthy

living, fitness, and healthy travel on her blog, Nutritionist In The Kitch.

Connect with Christal:

Twitter: @NutritionistITKInstagram: nutritionist_christal


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Photography by Vivid Ribbon at Kinsmen Leisure Centre

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Cody Yano is a local diver to watch in the coming years. He first emerged on the Canadian Senior National diving platform during the National Championships in the summer of 2010. In just one year, he proved he could compete with the top divers winning silver on the 3 meter and cap-tured two bronze medals on the 1 meter and 3 meter the following year. During the Canadian Diving Trials in 2012, Cody finished third on the 3 meter springboard and in 2013 was the only Canadian diver to qualify for the prestigious FISU Games.

This promising Edmonton diver didn’t start out as a diver however. “I originally was in gymnastics when I was younger, which I did for about 7 years, I absolutely loved to tumble around,” says Yano. “When I was younger, I loved jumping off stuff and doing flips. I would set up all the couch cushions on the floor so I could jump into them.”

His parents put him in swim-gym at the Kinsmen Sport Centre, which combines swimming, diving and gymnastics. “I was absolutely terri-fied of the deep end, I was wrapped around whatever I could hold onto crying not to go in the water, then my grandpa tossed me in the water. From there I grew to love the sport, and to this date my love has only grown stronger.”

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (15)

As he grew up in the diving culture and learned to put his fears behind him, he watched the old-er divers train. “Arturo Miranda was one of my first coaches, and I remember watching him after I practiced on Saturdays when I was little. It was always amazing to watch him do these amazing dives, and how easy he made it look,” remembers Yano. “I always wanted to do what he was doing.”

Like many young Canadian divers, his greatest mentor was Alexandre Despatie. “The grace and textbook perfect technique he portrayed in his diving was like no other. He made diving look in-credibly smooth and easy. Something every diver looks to do.”

He was able to compete head to head with his idol in his first senior national competition in 2010 were he shocked everyone (including himself) by pulling off a second place finish next to Alex himself. “I was in disbelief for a day or two with what I just did. Beating 2 current Olympians and medaling and I was pushing to make the finals.” From there Cody went on to win two national championships. “My most recent and biggest suc-cess was making World Cup and Commonwealth Games this past year.”

Over the next few years, he’s looking to add some bigger and more exciting dives to his list to in-crease the degree of difficulty and improve his ranking on the world stage. “I am looking to speed up my core to create more torque in my dives as well as improve my lines through the water.” The main goals for Cody leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio include the 2015 Pan Am games in Toronto, the 2015 World Aquatic Championships in Kazan and the 2016 World Cup.

In 2014, Cody became a member of the CIBC Team Next. This is a program designed for up and com-ing athletes who are close to accomplishing their dreams to help them push over that next bound-ary. He was nominated with several other Canadi-an athletes as having potential to be “team next” and was selected through the selection process.

Becoming a Team Next member helps Cody in a number of ways including being able to find spon-sorship to remain competitive. “Sponsorship is huge for athletes,” says Cody. “Not only is fund-ing crucial to what we do, the support is just as important. We need to feel that people are going to support us in success and failure, and to tell us we can do it.” Being a top-level athlete is very expensive. Travel and training are only two of the major costs. Many athletes work jobs just to be able to pay for their participation in the sport they

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love. “Sport is expensive, very expensive, and being able to afford it and not stress it allows athletes to focus on accomplishing their goals and representing their country on the world stage.”

Typically throughout the week he trains in the pool 7 times. In those workouts he does 45 minutes of core and warming up, 45 minutes of dryland, which includes tram-poline, or dry-boards, and 90 minutes in the water. “I do Yoga at the Sattva School Of Yoga two times a week, and weights 2-3 times a week at the Saville Centre or Kins-men Sports Centre for about 90 minutes a session”

Cody’s claim to fame is that he is one of the heaviest divers in the world. “My mus-cularity has definitely had its pros and cons, I tend to get exhausted quicker and fatigue faster,” he says. “With diving itself I am bigger, so its like holding a magnifying glass up to see all the flaws. It is harder for me to hide mistakes that others can easily get away with.” In a sport where the differ-ence between medalling and being off the podium can be a few tenths of a point, be-ing flawless is critical.

“My size benefits me because it gives me power off the board,” he says. “I can re-ally load the board with more force than any other diver out there, I set the fulcrum tighter and push the board further down than anyone.” Because of his size, it makes him quite unique to watch.

Diet for any athlete is paramount to perfor-mance. Cody tries to live a healthy lifestyle, and eat wholesome food. Some of his “go to” foods include almond milk, almonds, tea, omega 3 eggs, chicken, fish, quinoa, brown rice, oats and any vegetable or fruit he can get his hands on.

“Breakfast is always steel cut oats, blue-berries, chia seeds and a dash of maple syrup. I do shakes daily, and always add spinach (its basically flavorless, and adds some greens),” he says. “I also try to avoid breads, dairy, processed foods and sugar when I can!”

Cody uses RIVALUS supplements, which are safe for athletes, and he has been us-ing them for several years now. Athletes competing on the world stage need to be

conscious of any performance enhancers that might be in their supplements so care needs to be taken when choosing the right one.

“Promasil is a great high quality protein which features 7 of the best proteins, which creates a sustained release of amino acids. It also helps prevent lactic acid from build-ing up while you work out.” Before work-outs, he chooses Complx5. “It tastes great and gives the body what it needs for energy and to improve your recovery, and prevent lactic acid build up,” he says.

All this training takes a toll on an athlete’s body so recovery and rehab are a part of Cody’s training regimen. “I see chiroprac-tors regularly at River Valley Health, who keep my body in optimal shape for the tor-ment I put it through. Chiro really helps to move things back into place and allow me to do what I do again. It is one of my favor-ite forms of treatment.”

He also sees a naturopathic medicinedoc-tor at River Valley Health who monitors his nutrition and helps him to supplement properly. “We have done things like blood work to monitor my mineral levels, and have also done vitamin injections like B12. I have also done Prolo-thearpy on some of my chronic injuries here and had great suc-cess.”

Between his time spent training, and coach-ing swim-gym, and learn to dive classes for the Edmonton Springboard and Platform Diving Club, Cody recently completed his diploma in Marketing at NAIT, and is con-tinuing towards his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

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Photo by Trent Bona

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Hello fellow YEGamites, Neall here from Backside Tours! Ya it’s a funny name, but hey, nothing like having a healthy and firm Backside is there?

For those of you who don’t know about us, we are a ski and snowboard tour operator specializing in get-ting you to the mountains whether on a bus with a group of fellow weekend warriors or having us book your accommodations and lift tickets for you while U drive yourself.

We are absolutely passionate about shredding the fluffy stuff on the majestic mountains of Alberta and BC (& even a few across the border). Hence, we would like to give you our top 5 leg burner runs for you to try out on your own this season.

Now before I start, please note our following must do’s when heading out to the mountains this year to get your deep burn.

Now let’s get to that burn you crave. So you wanna rip it up this winter? We have compiled some reach-able destination options (aka… you can get there without a plane ticket) for you.

------Vow to visit Backside’s top 5 for the ultimate vertical and be vindicated as a veteran of shred.

-Make sure you have clothing to keep you dry and warm-Always stay in bounds-Always ski with a friend (never by your-self)-Always wear a helmet-Take your trash with you (never leave it on the mountain)-Ski or Board within your limits (of course, we all push a little to improve)-Take breaks. Most injuries occur when you are tired-Stay hydrated, and always carry a protein bar in your pocket

Ohh, it’s the deep burn. Oh, it’s so deep. – Ron Burgundy

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Learn to ski and snowboard at Edmonton Ski Club

Your downtown snow sports learning centre for everyone! • 780.465.0852

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+5 Hike to Knob at Marmot Basin

Not only is Marmot not far from YEG… you will find yourself favouring this fabu-lous Alberta resort again and again when you feel the sun on your face in those upper bowls off the Knob chair (when its open of course :). Standing at the top of knob, fortune favours the bold as you can almost see Edmonton featured far in the distance. As you navigate those first few fluffy feet of fun back toward YEG, feel your legs begin to form the future of your next day self. Filled with lactic acid! Top to bottom, find your flavour of run and fancy yourself a few forks in the road to find adventure down one of the many run options in front of you. The good part is the base lodge features frothy fineries for the fetching. And electrolyte drinks

for the fatigued.

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+4 Polar Peak Chair at Fernie Alpine Resort

At 7000 feet of elevation at top of Polar Peak, you can pretty much plan the perfect powder paradise down to the plaza. And I hope your palate pathways have a propensity for curry, as you will be per-fumed in the curry burn as you peruse the Curry Bowl proper from Polar Peak. Fernie, placed on a pedestal, is a world-class destina-tion and can provide a world-class punch in the Ashram you can purposely plan on having when playing in Curry Bowl while praying for more energy. We are positive you will appreciate this perspirational

experience and prevail.

Photo by Mark Eleven Photography

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+3 Women’s Downhill at Lake Louise Ski Area

From the Top of the World, you won’t need to be a telepath to attest to the tough time you will anticipate taking this run top to bottom. Hence, just be happy no one is televising your attempt. ;-) To try to tame this tantalizing treat will be a testament of your fortitude. Take your time and take breaks. But don’t tarry too long as teams of talented two plankers may be tight on your tail. Hey, and if you’re feeling tactful, anticipate a slight turn at Juniper run, and you can even tip toe through the terrain park to top this run off. This run can be tiresome but totally gives it all back to you in smiles – tenfold.

Photo by Shannon Martin

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+2 Whitewall at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Whenever the cool winds of winter whisper in my ear, I wonder if the white pow has woven its way into the snowy well of white wall’s wingspan. Just one of the many won-ders of the Horse with more terrain than “World Of Warcraft,” this wide open workshop of wow is often weighed down with waist deep snow and promises a wealth of wellness worthy of a woooohooooooo! Perhaps after a welcome glass of wine at the beautiful Eagle’s Eye restaurant, wander over to the Stairway to Heaven chair as your waypoint to white wall. We guarantee with wondrous amounts of the white stuff, this weather wall ride will leave you wordless. And when you make your way out of Feuz Bowl (white wall’s watchful womb), weigh in making your way over to Wolverine run in your weakened state and take a break and witness the beautiful Columbia Valley. When you finally wind down to the bottom wheezing after 4,000 vertical feet with legs totally wiped out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Photo by Trent Bona

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+1 Jalapeno or Hot Sauce at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

High above the clouds, hovering halfway between heaven and the trans-Canada highway happens to be hands down, the holiest of snow habitats to hang your helmet on. It also happens to hold the honours in our handbook of top leg burner hot spots. Having names like Jalapeno and Hot Sauce, the skiers left atop this Stoke chair haven of snow hedonism can cause hallucinations making even the heartiest of highlife hopefuls hesitant to try and handle this steep habitat. With 5600 vertical feet below you, if you decide to hijack a plane or happen to hang-glide home, how can we blame you? Expect at least an hour-long ride of huffing and puffing as you make headway from the hot hallways onto Ninja Traverse to Snow Rodeo run and then halfway home to the stoke chair. This hallowed ground will have you happy, bordering hysterical, with words like “holy!” and “hallelujah” hurling from your hand held as you harmoniously recite haiku’s worthy of a Hamlet’s “hell yeah”! And if your legs can handle the hurdles this hefty hill has to offer, we pay homage to you for braving this high road.

Photo by Ian Houghton

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Thank you to the YEG Fitness crew for letting us here at Backside share some of our passion with you this winter!

Enjoy your turn and burn sessions this year at the mountains, and ride or ski safely!

Neall Alden, GM/Owner (Backside Tours Inc.)

Photo by Ian Houghton

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Historian Henry Buckle wrote on the formation of opinions and said “Although the origin of a new opinion may be thus due to a single man, the result which the new opinion produces depends on the condition of the people among whom it is propagated.”

This statement is as evident today as it was in the 19th century. There is a shift in opinion, as people are sick and tired! It’s time for a change and I believe our lives depend on it!

Recently I came across a Harvard Medical school publication that stated: “The bottom line is the human body can defend itself very well against most environmental insults!”

If this is so, then why are we seeing a steady rise of illness and disease?

Here are a few facts you ought to know: - “310KG of toxic chemicals are released in our land and water every second = 10 million tons per year!” Worldometer - “2 million tons of these chemicals are carcinogenic”. Worldometer - “Each year millions of tons of toxic pollutants are released into the air from both natural and manmade sources.” -EPA

- Canadian Cancer Statistic Publication is estimating 191,300 new cancer cases in 2014 and 2 in 5 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. - The Canadian Liver Foundation reports over 100 liver diseases presently. - The 2014 National Chronic Disease Fact Sheet states that CKD (chronic kidney disease is common in the US affecting over 20 million people) - The estimated type 1 diabetes prevalence will increase 47% in the next 10 years, and type 2 diabetes by 70%!

The kidneys are the filtration system for your blood and the removal of toxins. Chronic kidney disease is increasing because people are exposed to various potential toxic agents in their natural and occupational environments. (Pubmed)

The liver is responsible for processing most chemicals and medications that enter the body. According to the Canadian Liver Foundation,over exposure or over consumption of certain chemicals like acetaminophen or industrial toxins cause unpredictable reactions.

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Sickness costs Canadians billions of dollars! Those debunking detox diets, superfoods, juicing or holistic choices, must not be aware of the millions of tons of toxins, or their ill effects. Our bodies were never created to survive the exposure to these tox-ic, man made assassins! The shift towards a health conscious lifestyle is happening because many of you believe this also. Consequently we are seeing the rise of more juice bars, raw food chefs, holistic nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, and healing centres. Farmers markets are increasing in numbers and bustling with energy because of the freshness and high quality of food.

Statistics are knowledge, and knowledge is empowering. Instead of being fear based, I use knowledge to develop a proactive plan of action to stay healthy!

This plan involves many superfoods, fresh wholesome foods from markets, and as much organic food as possible.

Superfoods are foods which have an outstanding nutritional profile. They have an abundance of nutrients, phytonutrients, flavonoids and antioxidants to help support our health, vitality and our own ability to detoxify. It’s my mission to restore the bal-ance, and counteract the negative with the positive! I infuse as many of them into my diet as possible so that I can live a life with purpose. As the World Health Organization suggests, diet does play an important role in reducing your risk factors.

I am consciously aware that nourishing, detoxifying SUPER FOODS & juices will indeed improve my odds for a healthy life of vitality & longevity.

My Health Plan Strategy includes:

GREEN FOOD!! Spirulina has such an outstanding nutritional pro-file that the UN declared it the best food for the future. Research shows it has been effective in removing radiation from the body. Chlorella has one of the highest concentrations of blood building and detoxifying chlorophyll contents of any plant in the world. It has been suggested to use for heavy metal detoxification. Kale is one of the world’s healthiest foods with antioxidants and flavo-noids. Research suggests that it does indeed provide comprehen-sive support for the body’s detox. Broccoli is so super with its 3 main phytonutrients, that it is being researched to see its impact

on a genetic level. Swiss chard has been ranked second in total nutrient richness of the worlds healthiest vegetables.

ALSO: Cacao - In the top 10 of highest antioxidant foods! Goji berries - excellent source of beta carotene & vitamin C Blueberries - Canadian Living featured an article ranking these delights as #1 compared to 60 other fruits and veggies. Hemp - Power packed in essential nutrients! Honey - Nature’s energy booster & my sweetener of choice. Bee pollen - Used throughout the world for its nutrients and healing properties. Coconut oil - Showing superfood status & great for the skin too! Cinnamon to regulate my blood sugar. It’s an amazing spice used almost since the beginning of time for its flavor and medicinal traits. Turmeric/curcumin - Used for prevention of illness, inflammation & its powerful antioxidants.

The study of epigenetics, suggest that nutrients and bioactive food components may be used to prevent diseases, cancers and aging. These studies are exciting. They will be key to understand-ing exactly how nutrition affects us on a cellular level, to maintain our health so that we can thrive.

In the present moment I will pursue what leaders in health have known and practiced for years inspired by the wisdom of Hippo-crates;

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be thy Food! “

Health & Vitality to you, Keri Lynn


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Photos by David Hartum (Aspect Photo -

Farmers Market Super Smoothie:

1 1/2 Cups Vanilla Almond Milk1/2 Cup frozen Blueberries1-2 tsp each ~Tripow greens ~Cacao ~Bee Pollen ~Honey ~Mighty Trio Hemp protein1/2 tsp. Organic Cinnamon1/2 tsp. Vitaly Teas Chai spice (optional for more flavour)

Blend and enjoy. (Most ingredients are found at Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market)

Graphic Designer



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Let us capture yours.Vividly.

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Photography by Vivid Ribbon

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Christmas is just around the corner and YEG shoppers will be filling their shopping baskets with holiday treats. This is the time of year

when we tend to overindulge only to be left with a holiday hangover of a few extra pounds around our waists.

But don’t despair. There is value to some of those treats you sneak off of Santa’s tray left out by the kids.

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When eaten in moderation, chocolate has some great health benefits. We’re not talking about the chocolate you get off the convenience store shelves or waiting in line for you at the supermarket. We’re talking the high quality, artisan type chocolates produced from superior quality ingredients.

We caught up with two of Edmonton’s most well-known and respected chocolate purveyors – Karey Spenst, owner of Choklat and Jacqueline Jacek who owns Jacek Chocolate, to find out all there is to know about the health benefits of these little dark treats.

The secret behind those health benefits come from the powerful cacao bean. Loaded with healthy chemicals such as flavonoids and theobromine, these beans have been used for centuries by a number of cultures to treat all types of ailments and to fight off disease.

This doesn’t mean that the Milky Way in your grocer’s aisle is good for you. We wouldn’t be promoting that. We’re not trying to take one from a famous American talk show host that we shall not name that promotes taking a pill for its health benefits or claiming that this food will cure you of cancer. But there is an abundance of scientific evidence showing that chocolate does have many health benefits.

“Cacao contains neurotransmitters, increasing chemical levels in our brain that promote positive outlook, facilitate rejuvenation & help to elevate mood,” says Spenst. “It caus-es a release of endorphins reducing depression, heightens mental clarity, and provides a general feeling of well-being.”The mood altering effects can be helpful for people battling forms of depression and offer some help for people having a tough day.

“Cacao is high in flavanols which relaxes blood vessels. This is an important protection against hypertension & heart dis-ease,” she says.

In a 9-year Swedish study of more than 31,000 women, those who ate one or two servings of dark chocolate each week cut their risk for heart failure by as much as a third.

The quality of chocolate you get from the convenience store is much different than the chocolate you will find at a good chocolatier. With quality comes more health benefits.

“It starts with the quality of the cocoa bean,” says Jacek. “It is an agricultural product so is affected by normal agricultur-al factors such as temperature, elevation, and potential dis-ease. Everything from the cacao tree to the terroir (location the bean was grown) of the bean will affect it’s flavour.”

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“Cacao contains neurotransmitters, increasing chemical levels in our

brain that promote positive outlook, facilitate rejuvenation & help to elevate mood”

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How the bean is treated after maturity plays an enormous role when it is processed into chocolate. There are many ways that the bean’s quality can be affected (fermentation issues, rot, unfavourable conditions in transportation). “One of the factors that I find very interesting is the ‘roasting’ of the bean,” says Jacek. “Often, consumers feel like dark chocolate is bitter, however, often this is a result of choco-late makers burning the cacao bean to make up for off fla-vours deriving from poorer quality beans. Astringent dark chocolate is a sign of poor quality chocolate. Dark chocolate that has been made using quality beans that are respected has a beautifully bold flavour, often with interesting flavour notes with descriptions similar to that in wine and coffee.”

There are many types of chocolate and the percentage on the wrapper isn’t always the best judge of the chocolate quality. All the percentage tells the consumer is the amount of co-cao bean found in the bar, which is essentially cocoa powder and cocoa butter. The terroir, plays a large role on the flavour of the chocolate. “A 70% bar from Peru will differ greatly in flavour (and often colour) from a 70% bar from Madagascar,” she says.

Both Jacek and Spenst don’t try to push the health benefits of chocolate. They both prefer the thought that by using high quality products to produce beautiful tasting chocolates results in an overall better product for customers

“Let’s be realistic,” Spenst says. “All chocolate contains co-coa butter which is a form of fat. Everything in moderation. I like to say chocolate is ‘good for the soul.’”

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What an amazing evening of great food, inspiring words and energizing music under the pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory. From music by Los Angeles DJ Drez to the spiritual words of Sequoia Trueblood, this was the kickoff to a week-end yogis had been waiting all year for.

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1.855.250.MOVEREGISTER TODAY Join hundreds of women and men as they

sweat, laugh, squat and lunge it out through six energizing fitness sessions while raising valuable funds for the Cross Cancer Institute. BUSTAMOVE.CA

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Photography by Vivid Ribbon

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is Edmonton’s resident professional Ballet Company with beautiful, artful and impressive choreography created by the Artistic Director Francois Chevennement and Laurence Menotti, Ballet Mistress and Associate Director.

This young vibrant company is moving into its third season and just finished with an explosive sold out Premiere of Billie Holiday choreographed by Alysa Pires, an emerging choreographer from Toronto, and the elegant and dazzling Les Sylphides; remounted by Laurence Menotti.

Citie Ballet is on its way as a powerful dance force in the Edmonton community.

To create a ballet dancer of this caliber takes years of intense dedication, train-ing and focus to think, feel and be motivated to perfect your craft every day for six to seven hours of training, every week with a season of thirty to thirty-eight weeks.

One to two hours of ballet class, is equivalent to eight hours of a miner’s un-derground work according to a study in France. Grueling, brutal on your feet in pointe shoes and painstaking perfection, which is never ever perfect, a dancer is always striving to be better, and to be more emotive, expressive and brilliant.

In order to reach this level of perfection, a dancer must work several jobs, as a dancer’s salary is very modest and the dancer’s career is very short. To create a good ballet dancer takes a minimum of ten years, and to create a good choreog-rapher takes at least 15 years or longer.

Citie Ballet

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Citie Ballet dancers are trained to expose the varied temperaments of the Ballet or mixed choreography they are performing. You see the character emerging through the elevation of the movement en pointe and the flick of the hand or the subtle movement of the head. WE are Art That Moves!!!!!!!!!!

Incredible posture and physical stamina of a Ballet dancer cannot be matched and are envied by all athletes, including hockey players, syn-chronize swimmers, aerobics instructors, yoga and Pilates instructors and ballroom dancers. The skill, intensity of training and fundamen-tals of ballet dance can be transformed into all athletic pursuits for precision, endurance and movement.

The next performances are Feb. 28 and March 1, 2015 at the Timms Centre for the Arts featuring Mosaic IV Vocal Beat with the acappella group Six Minute Warning and the season concludes with the classical Orpheus and Eurydice or When Looks Could Kill, April 18 and 19, 2015.

Citie Ballet is on tour and makes appearances at many events including October 21, the 100 powerful Women at Lexus, the opening of the Renaissance Hotel, the Singing Christmas Tree, to name but a few.

We welcome all ages and choreograph in order to engage a wide, diversified audience. We have a campaign called bring a Bag Lunch to the Ballet. Come any weekday from 11:30 to 12:45 for a rehearsal and be up close and personal with our Ballet dancers.

Citie Ballet is passionate, yet discerning, engag-ing and always stylish, young and modern. We look forward to visual engaging you, creating awareness of our art and to touch your heart, and engage your mind, body and soul.

Francois ChevennementArtistic Directorcitieballet.ca780 472 7774Twitter @CitieBallet Facebook

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art that


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Follow A Week In The Life Of Sarah Tabler

From Citie Ballet

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (50)

Sun Sept 28I usually enjoy a quiet Sunday, however production week with Citie Ballet starts tomorrow. Despite the excitement of the season premiere opening this week I manage to sleep in until 8:30am then head over to the Kinsmen Sports Centre by 10am. It takes hard work to maintain the physical strength required for performing. I start my usual routine doing three series of abdominal exercises (leg lowers, crunches , side obliques , Russian twists with medicine ball, plank and side plank, and V sits) and a series of back and upper body exercises (triceps, pushups, back lifts), then head to the pool for a 1500m swim (1000m freestyle, 500m back crawl). I find swimming really helps my body, it is great for the cardiovascular system (builds the stamina I need for a performance), it’s easy on the joints, gets the tired feeling out of my legs from the previous week, and my body usually works better Monday morn-ing. After cleaning up after the rigors of working out, I’m off to Safeway to buy groceries for the week. Production week is very fast paced and we spend long, hard hours in the theatre, I like to have all my lunches and dinners prepared and in the fridge/freezer so I can pull them out on the go. When working as a professional dancer not eating or eating poorly is not an option, so I need to plan out my meals and ensure I will get the fuel I need for performing. This afternoon and evening I’m working on a written exam for the Cecchetti Society of Classical Ballet. I teach ballet classes in the evenings during the week to help pay the bills . It is often necessary for dancers to have more than one job (I have 4 jobs during the season, sometimes more depending what opportunities come up!). This written exam is a prerequisite to apply for my next level of teacher certification. A pass allows me to apply for the practical exam that I plan to complete in the spring of 2015. After a long day of cross training at the gym and pouring over books and dance syllabi, I sit down and watch an episode of one of my favourite shows, Bones, while sewing a pair of pointe shoes for the upcoming week. Finally! A chance to relax!

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Mon Sept 29This morning my alarm goes off at 7:30am. We have a late start this morning due to a GlobalTV interview. I rush to open the studio doors by 8:30am so we can warm up since our ballet technique class goes from 9:30-11am. After a couple minutes break to rehydrate and grab a quick snack for energy, we start rehearsal for Les Sylphides (this is a 35 minute classical ballet repertoire piece and I have a soloist role). Today we also jam in a costume fitting until lunch at 12:45pm. During the lunch break I’m monitoring our social media sites, posting photos and videos from rehearsal on Facebook, Instagram, and tweeting to promote the production this weekend. There is no rest for us if we want a successful and sold out run! By 1:15pm we are back in the studio and doing a full show run from begin-ning to end without breaks. This takes about us 75 minutes . Afterwards we listen to the follow up notes from Laurence (Ballet Mis-tress) about the things that we need to fix and can do better before the show this weekend. My day at Citie Ballet wraps up at 3:15pm, however this isn’t the end of my workday. Even though I had a full day, there is no time to be tired. I rush home for a quick shower and dinner before I drive to the southeast part of the city to begin my night of teaching at Hyperflex Dance Studios. I spend 5.5 hours teaching 5 classes (ages 7-20), as well as a choreography session for a young dancer to perform a solo in competition this upcoming spring. It’s 10:15pm when I get home. I catch up on a few emails and head to bed at 11pm, exhausted. No energy tonight to wind down in front of the TV.

Tues Sept 30Today is more of a normal rehearsal schedule. My alarm goes off at 7am, my usual wake up time. I open the studio by 8am and begin warming up and checking how our social media is doing on my phone while I stretch. Technique class is from 9-10:30am, and re-hearsal is from 10:45am to 12:45pm. Today we start with the Billie Holiday piece (35 minutes in total) and have another costume fitting. Today’s lunch break is hardly a break at all, I meet Barbara (our executive director) in the office to submit the tickets I sold to friends and family and discuss strategies for social media. It’s back in the studio by 1:15pm to do the entire show from top to bottom again! It’s one of the last times we will do the show before we head to the theatre so tension is high and we strive to make sure everything is ready. Today I’m finished by 3:30pm and again I rush home for dinner before heading to teach for 3 hours at Powerhouse Dance. When I’m done for the day and back home, I’m spending some time responding to emails, posting on social media, and submitting my application for my Cecchetti Teacher’s Exam.

Wed Oct 1It’s World Ballet Day today and before I’m even out of bed I am posting to social media! Today is the last full day of re-hearsal in the studio before we head to the theatre! Again, I am in the studio by 8am to begin my warm up routine with technique class running from 9-10:30am. Today is exciting because our guest choreographer, Alysa Pires, is back in the studio to rehearse Billie Holiday with us. There’s a new energy among the dancers to impress her before we go to the theatre tomorrow. From 10:45am to 1:00pm we do our very last studio run through of the show. My lunch break is busy again, I’m checking and posting to social media, I have a final costume fitting, and I’m sorting out last minute ticket sales for friends and family. This afternoon’s rehearsal is for Alysa to make any final changes to the piece. This evening I have a break and can relax for the first time in three weeks! However, I need to pick up some last minute items for the stage, including theatre snacks, makeup, and hairspray (I can never have enough hairspray for stage or enough hot tamales for that matter!).

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Thurs Oct 2My internal clock has me up at 7am again, even though we have a later start this morning, and I don’t need to open the stu-dio for warm up until 10am. Technique class is 11am-12:30pm today, with a short Les Sylphides rehearsal until 2pm. By 3pm we are in the theatre for our spacing rehearsal. This is our first chance on stage. The placement and spacing between dancers often changes on stage due to the wings and the perspective of the audience. Spacing rehearsal is a tedious process that re-quires a lot of patience and care. We only get one chance to go through the choreography slowly and make sure the lighting spotlights and specials effects will be in the right place at the right point in the music. We finish spacing at 4:45pm and have only 15 minutes to warm up again in pointe shoes before do-ing a technical rehearsal from 5-6:30pm. “Technical rehears-al” tonight is basically our dress rehearsal, it is our first and only time to rehearse on stage with the lights, costumes, sound technician and backstage crew. This is always a very intense rehearsal as everyone is doing the show for the very first time with everything put together. The dancers aren’t used to the intensity of the stage lights so balance and pirouettes are off, the timing of the lighting and stage cues take time to smooth over and the flooring for the dancers is different than the stu-dio. It takes time and concentration to put it all together. When rehearsal is finished I have dinner at home and sew another pair of pointe shoes as a “back up” pair. I usually teach for 5 hours on Thursday nights, but I had a substitute for tonight so I could be at the theatre for our important spacing and techni-cal rehearsal. After the day in the theatre my body is very tight from the hard, slippery floors. A hot bath with Epsom salts and a glass of red wine, followed by a cool shower helps my body to recover better and takes the edge off. I go to bed earlier tonight hoping to get some extra sleep before tomorrow.

Fri Oct 3My alarm goes off at 7am. I begin doing my hair and make-up. We have two shows today and I like to be prepared and not rush on show days. The theatre doors open at 9:30am and warm-up class is from 10-11:30am. After class we have some notes from last night’s technical rehearsal from Laurence and Alysa. At 12:30pm the curtain goes up for the Student & Senior Show (a new show this year that allows students and seniors to attend a performance at a very reasonable rate). The per-formance goes better than last night’s technical rehearsal but there are still a number of things to iron out. Following the show is a Q&A with the audience, which is always very fun to hear their perspective, comments, and questions. We have another session of notes with Laurence and Alysa before we’re allowed a two hour break. Then it’s back to the stage at 4:30pm for warm-up class and the curtain goes up again at 5:30pm for our VIP Corporate Performance (a show for interested donors and sponsors to attend and see what we do. As a non-prof-it organization we rely on sponsors and donations to keep us afloat!). Afterwards we have the chance to meet and talk with those potential sponsors and donors in the lobby. I’m home by

8pm for dinner, have another Epsom salts bath, and do some stretching before bed. Dancing and jumping on the theatre’s hard floor is very hard on the body. The production opens to the public tomorrow so it is important to relieve muscle ten-sion and soreness as much as possible. More wine! :)

Sat Oct 4Our call time to be at the theatre is 1pm today so I sleep in until 8am and watch recordings of the new TV series , How to Get Away with Murder. Class is from 1:30-3pm today, followed by notes from 3-4pm. We have dinner break from 4-6:30pm and I use this time to do my hair, makeup, stretch and re-warmup for the show. Warm-up class is 6:30-7pm and the curtain goes up 7:30pm. Tonight’s performance is sold out and the ener-gy from the audience feels amazing on stage. Everything has come together beautifully tonight and we receive great re-views and comments from the audience. There is a reception after the performance where the dancers get a chance to talk with audience members. I have some students from Hyperflex Dance Studios in the audience tonight and it is great to see them so inspired and ready to get back in my class to dance! The reception wraps up by 10:30pm and I head home to bed. Job well done! I feel great about my performance tonight and I hope I can do the same or better for the final performance tomorrow!

Sun Oct 5I am up by 7:30am and begin hair and makeup at home this morning. Our call time at the theatre is 11am and technique class is 11:30am-1pm. We spend half an hour listening to the notes from last night’s performance from Laurence and Alysa. The final curtain goes up at 2:30pm. My family and friends from Calgary are in the audience today and the show is over 90% sold! The performance goes very well again and we receive more great feedback! Over 170 hours of dancing and rehearsal went into this production in the last six weeks, and it’s great to feel that all my hard work has paid off! I meet my friends and family in the lobby and receive their congratulations on a great show before they hit the highway back to Calgary. Tonight the dancers get together to celebrate the performances and to say goodbye to our guest choreographer Alysa. The weekend was very successful and I couldn’t be happier! We have a short break before rehearsals begin for the next production …but again, no rest for me! I still have to teach, tweet, and hit the gym daily to make sure I stay in shape for the upcoming re-hearsals and performances . I’m spending some time over the break visiting family and friends in Calgary. I am grateful to have such an awesome support system, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without their constant love and support; they keep me grounded! Then it’s back to the studio to start this process again for Edmonton’s Singing Christmas Tree and our next production, Mosaic IV: Vocal Beat in collaboration with 6 Minute Warning.

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The Benefits of Adding Yoga To Your FITNESS Regime

Photography by Vivid Ribbon

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So maybe meditation, hymns, and breathing exercises aren’t your thing, but don’t write off yoga right away. While you can reap benefits from a traditional yoga prac-tice, yoga has become much more fitness oriented in the recent past. If you are looking to tone and strengthen your body uniformly, yoga might just be the answer for you.

Stephanie Armstrong, who has an Instagram account (@yogachallenge) with over 17 thousand followers that features many challenging yoga poses to try and inspire towards, comments on yoga and fitness.

“I don’t think that there is any one way to incorporate yoga into your fitness training. Nor is there a wrong way of do-ing it. You will have people who say that you are not a true “yogi” if you don’t adapt to the yoga lifestyle along with the classes or poses. I disagree completely. Yoga provides you with the tools or poses and what you do with them is up to you. For me, I use them to strengthen my core, back, and arms. If I have to modify a “traditional” pose to make it more challenging for my body, that’s what I do!”

If you are looking to lose weight, some yoga classes will benefit you and others will not. A Vinyasa Flow class, spe-cifically Ashtanga, Power or Hot yoga will help you burn fat and get your heart rate up.

Going to class is important to give you the base of strength you need for the more challenging poses. Having a trained teacher to show you the correct form and posture in cer-tain poses is equally as important for a safe and effec-tive practice. However, there is nothing stopping you from trying postures at home in between classes.

“I didn’t learn how to do all of the challenging inversions and arm balances that I can do in class. I did it at home with a lot of time and practice. The key is to know the correct form, which you learn from a teacher in class, and to practice safely. That means doing handstands against the wall at first and using a pillow so that you don’t face plant when you fall out of a arm balance.

Even if you are constantly falling or not seeing imme-diate improvements in your practice, the changes are happening. Those small muscle groups that you aren’t used to working are being exercised, and soon enough you will surprise yourself and perform a pose you never thought possible.”

Visiting @yogachallenge on Instagram will give you a whole new perspective on the strength that yoga can provide to those who practice. There is no doubt that the combination of power, flexibility and balance is unparallelled by any other fitness training.

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Clothing by Elevate Activewear

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“There are three things that people may not know about me just from my Instagram page. One is that yoga is not the only thing that I do. I workout for an hour everyday in addition to my yoga practice. It is a tool for me to destress, strength train and have fun. Two is that I don’t have all the time in the world to exercise. I am a fulltime dentistry student and just like everyone else, I am really busy. I do what I can when I can. I wake up really early to exercise and then will practice poses in front of the TV or do a quick flow in between text-book chapters. When I have time, I will do a full hour and a half class, but when I don’t, I reap the benefits of individ-ual poses in between chores or studying. Three, I am not a gymnast. Learning to invert did not come easy to me and I have no prior training in gymnastics. Doing inversions toned

my back and core unlike any other fitness training I’ve tried before. I will add that I used to be a dancer, so the posture and flexibility did come easy to me but is something that the average Joe can learn too”.

So, if you are looking for a way to increase your flexibility in a new and fun way that isn’t just a quick stretch after weight or cardio training, yoga may be the answer. Not only will your flexibility increase but you will strengthen muscles you never knew existed, all while using your own body weight. Adding yoga to your fitness regime will only make you a bet-ter overall athlete and give your body that extra bit of tone, flexibility, balance or strength that you have been looking for.

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As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I under-stand the vital role fitness plays in the development of one’s optimal health and well-being. As a marketer of Canadian Rangeland Bison, based out of Lacombe, Alberta, I also under-stand the role nutrition plays in obtaining optimal health and well-being. So what then, is the association between fitness, nutrition, and bison?

As we often forget, or perhaps more accurately, ignore, nutrition is a vital component to overall fitness. That is, in order to get the most out of our fitness plans, it is important that we have the proper nutrition to complement that plan. A big factor, es-pecially when trying to achieve muscle tone or build strength, is consuming the proper amount of protein. We require protein to promote the growth and repair of bone and muscle tissue (Tipton & Wolfe, 2001). Having many years of experience as a female fitness trainer, and training many other females, I have seen firsthand how this is even more important for our half of the population. It is typically the case that females do not con-sume as much protein required for their body size as males do, and in many instances, can result in dietary deficiencies and decreases in muscular strength (Beals & Manore, 1994). In view of all this, we are brought back to the wonderful world of the bison! So I hope you will stick with me while I explain why eating bison meat is a step in the right direction in a proper nutrition plan, and ultimately, increased well-being.

Let us begin by taking a look at the animal itself, and I imagine this will help provide some evidence. When I visualize a lean, clean, fitness machine, one of the images I conjure up is of bi-son grazing and galloping out on the Alberta plains. Allow me to elaborate:

Bison is a very lean meat. When comparing the fat and cholesterol content of bison to other animals, bison comes out a clear winner. Per 100 grams of cooked, lean meat, bison contains only 2.42 grams of fat, where as beef and pork contain 8.09 and 9.66 grams, respec-tively. In regards to Calorie content (kcal), bison contains 143 kcal per 100 grams, beef 201 kcal, and pork 212 kcal (Health Canada, 2012). Now, if that is not convincing enough, let us dis-cuss iron content in this same 100 grams of cooked, lean meat. Bison contains 3.42 mg, as compared to 2.99 mg in beef and 1.10 mg in pork. Why do we care about iron? Well, quite simply put, we require iron because it helps transport oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies (NIH, 2014).

Bison is a clean meat. Clean, healthy eating has sure been in the news lately! So when it comes to Canadian Rangeland bison, we want people to know they are raised with absolutely no antibiotics, no growth promotants, and no animal by-products. The bison get to live their lives in their natural habitat, having plenty of space to roam as they graze out on the plains. As a fitness professional, wife, and mother, I know I take comfort in knowing where my food comes from!

The way in which they are raised, with minimal stress, also works to contribute to the overall taste of bison. People are often surprised to hear that bison does taste similar to beef, but with a richer, and somewhat sweeter taste. The quality of the meat really shines through in its taste, and there is nothing quite like a bison burger or steak, barbecued to perfection!

Fitness, Nutrition….and Bison? What is the Association?

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Bison are fitness machines.To recap some of what has already been mentioned, bison are a lean, strong, and fit animal, in large part due to the way they are raised, the quality of what they eat, and their genetic build. So now that you have been given some information on bison, what are some good meat product choices? As a good starter product, Canadian Rangeland ground bison is 100% pure meat; a perfect choice for those lasagna lovers, chili chompers, or spaghetti slurpers. If you are looking for more of a pre or post workout snack, try Canadian Rangeland Bison Bites. These are a high protein, low fat, healthier alternative to jerky, and come in a variety of flavors, such as jala-peno, black pepper, mango-pineapple, and mixed berry. For the more adventurous folk out there, try a bison roast, stew, or smokie. Whatever product a person may choose, they should feel good knowing they are eating a high quality product raised and produced in their own backyard!

So I will leave you all with this last thought; we have all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” right? Ultimately, the decision is yours, but why not make it a healthy one?

For more information on Canadian Rangeland Bison, check out our website at For any questions for me directly, please feel free to email me at [emailprotected].


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KINGIt’s that time of year again YEG. Time to get out the wax, pull out those trimmers, and prove you’re

a manly man.

That’s right, it’s once again Movember.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (63)

If you’re a Movember virgin, here’s how it works. At the start of Movember, guys take action by signing up with a clean-shaven face and for the 30 days of November commit to growing a moustache. These selfless and generous men known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Mo Bros are supported by the women in their lives, affectionately known as, Mo Sistas. Together, they raise money and awareness to change the face of men’s health.At the end of the month, participants celebrate their growing efforts, either by joining at one of the official Movember Gala Parties, or by hosting their own end of month event with colleagues, friends or community groups.

This Movember, the YEG Fitness team is showcasing two amazing groups and one of Edmonton’s most well coiffed, moustached citizens to do our part to help raise funds for men’s health.

MO SISTAsSo what is a Mo Sista? Women, also known as Mo Sistas, are very important to the Movember campaign. Mo Sistas play a key sup-porting role by signing up as team captains, recruiting Mo Bros, raising funds and also encouraging the men in their lives to take action when it comes to their health. Beside every great Mo there’s a great Mo Sista. Beyond encouraging MoBros to participate, Mo Sistas are a crucial part of Movember. Women are, generally, the key stakeholders for health in families. For that reason, Movember needs Mo Sistas in order to change the face of men’s health.

Why do Mo Sistas participate?Although Mo Sistas can’t grow moustaches themselves, they get involved in all the same ways a Mo Bro does. They sign up as team captains, recruit Mo Bros friends and family to join their team, host events, they have the power to support and encourage those who do. They help generate conversations surrounding men’s health and are a key part of changing the face of men’s health. The power of a wink and a smile from a Mo Sista should never be underestimated. That small show of support might be all a wavering Mo Bro needs to make it to the end of the month, Mo Intact.

Who Makes up The Edmonton Mo Sistas GroupThe Edmonton committee is made up of almost all new members - 8 incredible women from around Edmonton who were already doing amazing things in their lives and living the Movember values. The women were leaders in the communities and work to improve the lives of all those around them. They also had to have a prior rela-tionship with Movember and had demonstrated a selfless commitment to the help the men in their lives take action to improve their health.

Edmonton has the last standing Mo Sista committee in the world. The rest have been amalgamated into the Movember Committee. Committees are exclusive to Canada, but Movember is present in 21 countries.

Last year, Mo Sistas Edmonton raised over $6000 through a Mo Sista Soiree, various MOVE events, and other fundraising initiatives.

To donate to Movember please visit

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Photo by Shirley Tse

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SCOTT MCKEENPopular writer, community organizer and bow tie aficionado, Ward 6 Edmonton City Councillor Scott McKeen is best known for his moustache and his yellow Vespa. He has a style all his own and is easily recognizable when out at the many events he takes time out for to put his support behind. He sports his well-trimmed moustache throughout the year and this year has continued to play a role in Movember events happening in Edmoonton.

Scott has been a supporter of mental health and urban isolation issues over the years and is proud to support the Movember campaigns goals of raising awareness of men’s health issues.

“I’m really excited about being involved in this,” he says. “Men need to be able to talk about their health issues.”

It’s a well-known fact that men have a difficult time opening up about their mental or physical health issues. Whatever the cause is, men don’t like sharing their feelings and insecurities and don’t want to be seen as weak or “unmanly”.

“Talking about issues can be tough, but empowering for men,” says Scott. “We need to be able to say ‘I’m not perfect and I need support’ to our friends and family.”

Scott explains that he thinks boys grow up to be stoic and unafraid. They have been taught from a young age not to cry or to appear too emotional or weak. These boys turn out to become men that feel they need to prove they’re men. They often fuel insecurities with anger and don’t express their feelings properly.

He sees this carry over to some men who refuse to take part in Movember due to their inability to grow a full moustache. “A lot of men don’t want to grow them during Movember because their moustache sucks,” he says. “They see it as a negative sense of their virility thinking that only real men can grow a moustache.”

Scott says that one of the beauties of age is that you don’t care anymore. You stop caring about what others think or feel and you do things that make you happy. He loves seeing a man grow a wispy moustache during the month and be proud of the hair forming on their lip.

“Men have so much to learn about themselves and they need to take note from how women communicate with each other,” he says. “We need to be able to open up to not only our spouses but also to our male friends to ask for support.”

When asked what role he was going to take in Movember this year, he was a bit hesitant to talk about the idea of shaving his moustache off at the end. “I think I’ll dye it blue rather than cutting it off,” he says. “Maybe I’ll keep it dyed for a city council session”.

He didn’t eliminate the possibility of having a clean shave at the end of the month though. “If Daryl (Katz) or someone offered a donation of $50,000 to Movember I’d consider it,” he says.

Anyone know Daryl’s number?

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Photo by Aaron Pedersen

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EDMONTON FIREFIGHTERS“It started off as a fund raiser for Prostate Cancer and as a population that is primarily men, this affects us great-ly,” says Joell Whitson; member of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services and team leader for their Movember team. “As firefighters it affects us even more, as we have a much higher rate of contracting various cancers because of the toxic environments that we can be exposed to, and we have all seen our members and former members contract, fight, and succumb to this horrible disease over the years.”

Joell knew the men that helped bring Movember to Canada from Australia. “They saw it there and fell in love with it and started it up in Edmonton,” he says. He was one of the first people to participate in Movember in Edmonton along with about 30 other guys about eight years ago. “The year after that I started up an Edmonton Firefighters team, I believe although there isn’t documentation, that it was the first Fire Department team in Canada, 7 years and counting.”

For Joell and the Fire Rescue Team, it’s all about creating awareness from within about the benefits of early de-tection and treatment, and raising money to help all of those that have to fight this fight in the future. Movem-ber has branched out to fund testicular cancer, which is another disease that affects the firefighting population. Men’s mental health is also supported by funds raised, which is an often overlooked and downplayed disease that can be very prevalent in all of the Emergency Services communities. Being first responders, Fire Departments, Police Departments, EMS, and military are all greatly affected by the situations their employees are in and the things they see and do every day. It’s an emotional roller coaster, sometimes leading to PTSD and depression.

“Last year we raised almost $35,000 and won the Great Canadian Fire Department Challenge,” he says. This was the 3rd year of the challenge, and the Edmonton team finally claimed victory after a 2nd place and a 3rd place finish in the first 2 years. “The Challenge has definitely been great as it gives us a little more motivation to get more guys involved and raise more money, to try to stay on top of all the other great Fire Dept’s across our na-tion.” Their team has raised almost $80,000 in those 3 years, and over $130,000 since they started up the team.

Joell started an Edmonton Emergency Services Challenge with the EPS and EMS to try to get more people in Ed-monton involved. “Constable Chapman Lee with EPS has put a great team together and finished very high in the Nation wide Police challenge last year as well,” he says. “The healthy competition between departments seems to bring out the best in all of us, and is a great conversation piece as we run into each other at various calls.”

To donate to the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services team page, please go to www.

This is dedicated to my friend Brad Symes. Brad was a member of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services. He was also a member of the Movember team for many years and suffered from PTSD at the time of his early death this past year. I along with many members of the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services will be doing Movember this year in his honour and to raise funds to support mental health issues. TJ Sadler (Editor – YEG Fitness)

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Front Row left to right:Glen Murray, Duncan Jamieson, Joell Whitson, Tim Lozinik, Kris Kasawski

Back Row left to right:Cpt. Scot Wallace, Cpt. Brian McIntyre, Christian Vezeau, Martin Beaulieu, Bryce Nixon, John Currie, Kris Kasawski

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The results are in and our readers helped us choose the top fitness studios, trails and trainers in YEG. Results are based on over 1300 surveys cast. We know Edmonton has many fine studios and trainers, but these are our reader’s top choices.

1. Best City Owned Fitness Centre

1st - Kinsmen Leisure Centre 2nd - Terwillegar 3rd - Commonwealth

2. Best Yoga/Pilates Studio

1st - Moksha2nd - Bliss 3rd - Yogalife

3. Best Spin Studio

1st - Soul Spin 2nd - Tru Ride3rd - Exist Cycle

4. Best Fitness Centre/Gym

1st - Blitz Conditioning2nd - Crossfit Armoury 3rd - Body By Bennett

5. Best Free/Drop In Fitness Group

1st - November Project Canada 2nd - Running Room

6. Best Local Ski/Snowboarding Hill

1st - Rabbit Hill 2nd - Snow Valley3rd - Sunridge

7. Best Barre Studio

1st - Barre Body Studio 2nd - Sculpt Barre 3rd - Studio 124

8. Best Ice Skating Park

1st - Hawrelak Park2nd - Victoria Park 3rd - Alberta Legislature

9. Best Cycling Paths

1st - River Valley2nd - Millcreek Ravine 3rd - Terwillegar

10. Best Running Path

1st - River Valley 2nd - Laurier Park 3rd - Millcreek Ravine

11. Best Martial Arts/Boxing Studio

1st - Panther Boxing 2nd - Legends

12. Best Crossfit Studio

1st - Crossfit Armoury 2nd - Prime Strength & Conditioning 3rd - Rock Jungle

13. Best Personal Trainer

Tie 1st - Mike Clark (Pure Wellness)Tie 1st - Chris Tse (Blitz Conditioning)2nd - Brett Kirkland (Blitz Conditioning)3rd - Shane Kokas (Body By Bennett)


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They join many of us around the supper hour every weekday. They participate in numerous charitable and other community events, and still find time for

family and fitness.

Gord Steinke and Carole Anne Devaney are two of Edmonton’s most popular and trustworthy news anchors, powering the 6 o’clock news on

Global Edmonton.

Their involvement in the community is unrivalled and their schedules are always busy, yet they always make a commitment to staying healthy and active. They keep fit in very different ways, but no matter how they do it, they

are inspiring Edmontonians to follow their paths of balancing work, family and health.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (72)

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (73)


Gord Steinke is one of Edmonton’s best known broadcasters, celebrat-ing 22 years with Global TV. Edmontonians have voted him as their favourite news anchor several times over those years including recently awarding him the Vue Weekly top honor. He is also Honorary Lieutenant Colonel with the 15 Field Ambulance 41st Canadian Brigade - a national honour he is very proud of.

When he’s not working, Gord is still a very busy man. He’s a music lover and a rock ‘n roller, with three rock albums under his belt.He also de-votes his time to helping various Edmonton charities including Kids With Cancer Rides and the annual Motorcycle Ride for Dad (a ride that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for prostate cancer and research).Gord and his wife Deb also enjoy spending as much time as possible touring on their 2006 Harley Davidson Road King and taking in the great outdoors.

“We always stressed the importance of exercise and being outdoors with our kids” says Gord. “As a family we always had a blast hiking through the many trails Elk Island Park has to offer.”

They’ve also talked to their children about the value of eating healthy and having a good diet. “Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables were served up,” he says. “Not a lot of sugar, although I have to admit it would be a sad day if I couldn’t have bacon and eggs on a Saturday morning. That’s a family tradition.”

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (74)

Being part of the city’s top news anchor team means there is a huge demand on your time. His workday doesn’t just start and end with the six o’clock news broadcast. Gord’s days are filled with deadlines and interviews as well as involvement in numerous special events and charitable organizations. In order to keep going with everything he’s found some great ways to recharge and remain healthy and fit.

“I recharge with hobbies that kind of remove me from the whirlwind of daily news and deadlines,” he says. “I’m a musician by trade and enjoy going to jams and perform-ing live at venues around Edmonton with various bands. Touring on our motorcycle is also a great way to re-charge. Most of our holidays involve motorcycles in some shape or form. Relaxing on our acreage is also a great way to unwind.”

Gord loves Edmonton but he also loves getting outdoors and enjoying nature as much as he can. “I used to be a dedicated gym guy complete with trainer,” he says. “But when we decided to try acreage life I quickly realized my gym time was being overshadowed by yard work. Which, as it turns out, is often better than going to the gym.”

Gord spends his time on the acerage chainsawing trees, hauling brush, cutting the lawn, landscaping, and plow-ing snow in the winter. “All are good cardio workouts and great for strength training,” he says. “And of course there’s Daisy Duke [Gord’s dog]. “She makes sure she takes me for a brisk three kilometer walk/jog at least five days a week.”For the past ten years, Gord has joined over a thousand cyclists and pedaled from Leduc to Camrose and back in the annual Ride for MS. “It’s such a well organized event that raises money and awareness about multiple sclero-sis,” he says. “Great people and you could really feel the burn at the end of the weekend.”

But at the end of the day, Gord realizes the importance of mental health in addition to taking care of his fitness. He does this partly through his involvement with the many charitable organizations he works with.

“I’m on the board of directors with the Kids With Cancer Society, and one of the highlights is every May we take them on a motorcycle ride called The Parade Of Heroes,” he says. “When you talk to these courageous little fight-ers as they’re on the back of the bike, they tell stories of their cancer in great detail and their treatment. They are wise beyond their ages, and I love to hear them laugh and see them smile as they enjoy the wind in their face. Truthfully, I think I get more out of my time with them than they do with me.”

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Carole Anne is a proud French Canadian who left her hometown of Ottawa for a job in Edmonton six years ago, eventually finding her way to co-anchor the six o’clock news on Global Edmonton. When she’s not anchoring the News Hour weeknights, she loves to work out. She grew up in a very active family, competing as a gymnast for years and spent most of her winter weekends snowboarding at Mt. Tremblant, in Quebec.

For those who watch Global, you’ve likely noticed that there might be a little something in the water at the Global Ed-monton studios. A couple of the ladies are pregnant includ-ing Carole Anne who may have already delivered by the time this story is released (she’s due November 11). At the time of our interview and photo shoot, Carole Anne was 7 ½ months pregnant and from the photos, you can tell that fitness re-mained an important part of her pregnancy. Not just for her own health, but for that of her baby too.“In my first trimester, I didn’t tweak my workouts at all,” she says. “The big changes came in the second trimester. I had to stop with the bounding, the ab workouts and the high heart rate exercises. It wasn’t an easy adjustment.”

Carole Anne has been working with her personal trainer Carrie at Prime Fitness for more than four years. It’s hard for her to hold back when she’s used to training at a certain level. “She pushes me harder than I could ever push myself,” she says.

She also trains at Orange Theory Fitness which helps com-pliment her one-on-one sessions. “At Orange Theory, the trainer kept having to remind me to slow down and watch my heart rate. I love the cardio/weights combination, and the challenge of a group class,” she says.

If she wants to get a quick workout in, she hits the elliptical at the gym in her building. “The key is to wear a heart rate monitor, to make sure I’m always hitting my fitness tar-gets,” she says. In the summer, she spent many days run-ning stairs in the River Valley and whenever she needed a mental break, she’d head out for a yoga class.

“Now that I’m in my third trimester, it’s more difficult,” she says. “The most mundane exercise is hard to do! With all the extra weight you carry around, every movement is so much more of an effort to complete. I can really feel my hips widening and loosening up, and that brings on a whole new set of aches and pains. I’m pretty limited now with my workouts, so I try to focus mostly on upper-body strength. It will pay off when I’m carrying around a baby I’m sure.”

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (76)

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (77)

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (78)

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (79)

Carole Anne’s fitness routine hasn’t been as strict during her pregnancy but she’s fine with that. Some weeks she is able to get three workouts in while in others she only gets one. “I try not to be too hard on myself,” she says. “My fit-ness goals are just to keep moving; keep sweating. When you see the weight climb continuously, week after week, it just feels good to know you are breaking a sweat and getting your heart rate up.”

There’s definitely a psychological effect for Carole Anne. “My weight gain is easier to accept if I know I’m still exercising,” she says.

There’s no typical week for her workout routine. She is con-stantly alternating between yoga, working with her trainer, or her sessions at Orange Theory. “As long as I get three of them in in a week, I’m happy,” she says. “But now that I’m pregnant, I’ve had to take a break from running stairs. I can barely walk up the stairs at work without getting winded. I’ve also transitioned from yoga to pre-natal yoga once a week.”Carole Anne offers some simple words of advice to soon-to-be moms. “Just do SOMETHING!” She doesn’t walk because it hurts too much but biking doesn’t so she bikes. “You just have to find physical activities that feel good, and stick with those. It’s never easy to get going but once you do, you feel so good. And don’t use your busy schedule as an excuse. Even if you can only squeeze in a 20 or 30 minute workout, do it. I think any kind of activity will ultimately benefit you once the baby is out.”

During our chat with Carole Anne, she mentioned that she was going to have to give up on her Orange Theory sessions soon as it was just getting too much for her late into her pregnancy. “One of the trainers told me recently that I work out so much still that my baby will come out doing push-ups. That really made me laugh.”

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It’s that time of year again! For many of us Christmas is certainly the ultimate foodie holiday, but wine lovers (myself included) also look forward to the event with great anticipation. Now’s the time to push the boat out and splurge on some special bottles to treat family, friends - and yourself!

While there may be bargains galore, remember before you part with your cash and commit to buying a case of Cha-teau El Cheapo simply because it’s on offer - stop, take a deep breath, buy a single bottle, take it home and try it. If you like it, you can buy more. If you don’t, you won’t be stuck with it.

While it’s sensible to have a good supply of decent, serviceable wine for the party season, do your guests and yourself the favour of buying some good stuff, too. Have a few impressive bottles on hand to serve for Christmas. After all, if you can’t splurge on the good stuff at this time of year, when can you?

But how do you define good or even great quality? With all this ongoing chat about healthy and organic products how can we choose or what should we choose? Over the last few years shoppers have been inquiring and demanding more and more information on healthier wine choices such as low sulfites and organic wines So here are some straight facts to know before you go on a shopping spree.

I’m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (81)

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A NATURAL SULFITE-FREE WINE!Sulfites are a natural byproduct of the fermentation process. Fermenting yeasts present on all grapes skins gen-erate naturally occurring sulfites in amounts ranging from 6 to 40 parts per million. So first and foremost there is a difference between “naturally occurring sulfites” and “added sulfites” In the US wines can contain up to 350ppm of sulfites. Organic winemaking standards, as adopted (12/2000) by the USDA, limit the use of sulfites to 100ppm in all finished byproducts. However, most organic wines contain less than 40ppm of sulfites. And with today’s new winemaking techniques, we create wines with the lowest sulfite levels ever. So when compared to other food products, wine is usually one of the lowest. Many products such as dried fruits, syrups, sugar, jams, gelatins, cake toppings, baked goods, pizza, frozen and dehydrated potatoes, processed veg-etables, cheeses, mustard, most open buffets contain sulfite levels that far exceed levels found in wine (Wine Facts: The Sulfites Issue, .

ORGANIC VS. BIODYNAMICSimply put, organic wines are produced using organically grown grapes. No Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Chemical Fertilizers, or Synthetic Chemicals of any kind are allowed on the vines or in the soil. Biodynamic winemakers employ various methods for nourishing the soil, as do organic grape growers. However, biodynamic growers put a greater emphasis on the vines and since they believe that plants respond to all the various forces of nature, they also time their activities in accordance with the cycles of the moon, planets and stars. (Wine Facts: Biodynamic Wines,

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (82)

So here are three very healthy choices for your Christmas enjoyment:

2012 Chapoutier Bila Haut “Occultum Lapidem” , Roussillon, FranceA fantastic biodynamic wine from one of the strongest advocates on bioydynamic farming, all Chapoutier wines have an unbelievable quality consistency year after year. This one offers a delightful array of red and black fruit with round tannins and great freshness from beginning to end. If the 2012 received a 94 point from Robert Parker, the 2013 (not yet in Alberta) has received a 97 point.

2010 Cono sur 20 Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo Valley, ChileSustainable agriculture, integrated vineyard management and several carbon footprint reduction projects have taken Cono Sur to the forefront of environmentally friendly winemaking around the world. And their 20 Barrels Limited Edition Cabernet perhaps represents ne of the top quality tiers. A full, complex and intense palate with persistence and an elegant finish.

2012 Coto de Hoyo Garnacha Centenaria, Campo de Borja, SpainAnother concept associated with quality is the age of the vines. Remember that great wines are made by great grapes. While farming techniques are essential, age of the vines are equally significant. As the vines age, they start to produce less and less and therefore the vineyard can become a business liability to the winery. However there are many more wineries today that realize that older vines offer extra richness and structure and this wine does just that. This 100 + year old vineyard delivers bold flavors of kirsch, blackberry jam, dark chocolate and toast in a plush, polished texture, with accents of licorice and smoke. Opulent, in the modern style.

To all my readers and future readers, have a very Merry Christmas and please drink responsibly.

William Bincoletto is the Principal Sommelier and Sommelier Instructor at Vines Wine Merchants in Southwest Edmonton. For any wine questions he can be reached at [emailprotected]

Join Vines on Nov 4 as they celebrate their 10th anniversary!

7 Days Of YEG Fitness

Keenan Pascal is an active member of the Edmonton community and one of the co-funder’s for MadeinEDMTN. Seeing a growing trend in the Edmonton Fitness scene to try smaller “local studios” instead of the big box fitness club’s Keenan thought there was an opportunity to showcase this cities upcoming vibrant fitness commu-nity to the masses. Leveraging his contacts in the city Keenan paired up with Paul Steier and Andrea Rice to create the 7 Days of YEG Fitness project.The objective of this non-for-profit project was to showcase the booming fitness in-dustry in Edmonton, highlighting both the cities favourite workouts and some hidden gems. We wanted to give the citizens of Edmonton the opportunity to follow our fitness journey and experience firsthand what the diverse Edmonton fitness industry has to offer. Additionally we are giving the small business owner the opportunity to showcase their business and product to a broader audience

YEG Fitness is proud to partner with this project to showcase each studio beginning in January.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (83)

Wellness SurveyDuring the month of September, we asked our readers about their health and wellness activities. We wanted to know what makes YEG’ers tick and how they like keeping fit both physically and mentally. We think that health is about more than being in great physical shape. You need to take care of your mental health as well. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Have you or your family used any of these City Facilities?Recreation Centres 77.1 %Pools 80%Arenas 34.29%Soccer Fields/Baseball Diamonds 51.4 %City Owned Golf Courses 37.1 %Playgrounds 65.7 %Toboggan Hills 45.7 %

2. Have you or will you be able to participate in any of these Edmonton area events this summer?Spartan Race/Obstacle Race/Mud Run 43.5 %Marathon 26.1 %Triathalon 8.7 %Bike Race (MS Bike Tour) 8.7 %Golf Tournament 21.7 %ABBA (Alberta Bodybuilding) 8.7 %Colour Me Rad/Run Or Dye 34.8 %

3. When choosing a fitness event to participate in, my main priority isType of Event 54.6 %Cost 9.1 %Who it is Supporting 6.1 %Location 0 %Level of Difficulty/Fun 30.3 % 4. Have you ever used the services of a Chiropractor/Physiotherapist?Yes 82.4 %No 17.7 % 5. What activities do you participate in to relieve stress?Exercise/Yoga 97.1 %Eat Right 62.9 %Meditation/Breathing Exercises 20 %Read a Book 40 %Listen to Music 45.7 %Take a Walk/Hike 77.1 % 6. Are you a member of a private gym?Yes 51.4 %No 48.6 %

7. When I go for a massage, I use it toRelax 45.7 %Treat an injury 54.3 %I Have Never Used Massage Therapy 17.1 %

8. Have you ever used any non-traditional, homeopathic therapies?Acupuncture 62.5 %Acupressure 25 %Herbal Supplements 58.3 %Reiki 16.7 % Survey featured answers from 117 respondants.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (84)





Fall is typically the time when you trade your bright summer athletic wardrobe for darker shades, but we have been swapping black for more unique patterns and


As the season changes so is the time for layering! Layering is nothing more than mastering the combining of your clothing so that it functions properly. It must pro-tect you, allow you to move, and must be comfortable. And of course, it must look great! Add on pieces easy to take off later after you have warmed up. A great fabric is


Bamboo Blend apparel is comfortable, more breath-able than cotton, fast-drying, moisture-wicking and thermal-regulating. It will keep you cooler in the summer and you can layer it to be warmer in the winter. It is preshrunk, so there are no surprises when washed.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (85)

Men’s Maxwell Hoody and Men’s Trail Pant

Tried, true and timeless with a new look. With the combination of a men’s hood and a 1⁄4 zip, it allows for more warm up and cool down op-tions. Made from our super cozy Bamboo fleece.The trial pants were designed to be a longer fit for taller men. They also have more pock-et compartments for everyday items. The soft and light texture of the pants is perfect a light workout or casual wear!

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (86)

Kelli Wrap and Mosaic Grey Legging PantsOur top seller! This wrap is amazing! Great for layering, wearing to and from the gym, dress it up for a night out. The Kelli wrap is very flattering and long length. With thumbholes on the sleeves and shawl neck. Made out of our bamboo French terry.Our ideal pants for running, whether it is a morning jog or an extreme power run, these pants will satisfy all your needs. Without any excess fabric getting in your way, these pants will offer comfort and flexibility you’ve never experienced before Dress it up or down... most women will grab one in each colour.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (87)

Running Jacket and Legging Pant

Long Jacket great for before and after the gym.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (88)

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (89)

ABOUT KEYLIMEKEYLIME Athletic Wear is a Canadian athletic wear manufacturer and retail-er based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. KEYLIME focuses on providing comfortable and quality clothing for the EVERY woman, because we believe that every woman should have the opportunity to look her best, feel her best, and be her best!

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (90)


If you’re feeling tired and groggy despite regular exercise and a healthy diet, there’s a good chance that your smart-phone might be to blame.

Recent studies have shown that society’s increasing dependency on cellphones has had a negative impact on our ability to get a good night’s sleep. This is likely due to a subconscious need to feel connected 24/7.

In a 2011 poll, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that 95% of people use some type of electronic device more than a few times a week within an hour of heading to bed.

What you may not know is the kind of effect the light from your smartphone has on your brain’s ability to rest. Scientists suggest that the blue light given off by electronics actually delays the release of melatonin, a hormone in charge of our sleep and wake cycles. This delay can keep your brain at high alert when it is supposed to be powering down for bedtime.

But what happens when you’re finally nodding off into the night and your phone starts buzzing with sports highlights, social media or text messages? The NSF also found that while their harsh light delays sleep, cellphone activity is also a sleep disturbance. According to their re-search, about in one in ten 13-18 year olds say that they are woken up by a call, text message or notification after falling asleep.

Everyone knows the importance of a good night’s sleep, but it seems as though we find ourselves more interested in refreshing our Instagram pages or sending text mes-sages than having a good snooze. Remember, whether you are well rested or not, your smartphone will still be there when you wake up. Why not take advantage of that and take a break from your phone at bedtime?

If you are having trouble putting down your phone before bed, try turning notifications off for the night. For ex-ample, iPhones have this feature called Do Not Disturb, found in the phone’s settings, where you can turn all notifications off or to silent, and you can also limit whose alerts can come through anyway if you are expecting an important call.

Another way to limit smartphone dependence before bed is to kick it old school with a good, reliable alarm clock. Many people use their phones for their wake up call, but you might find yourself getting a better sleep if you can turn your phone completely off and use an alarm clock instead. That way your sleep won’t be disturbed by un-wanted notifications throughout the night, not to men-tion alarm clocks give off very little light opposed to the harshness of smartphones.

Instead of refreshing your social media and responding to every text or call, try picking up a good book about an hour before hitting the sack. Calm, soothing activities that don’t require harsh lighting are likely to help your brain relax and release the perfect amount of melatonin for a full night’s sleep.

We all love being in the know and staying connected to our smartphones, but limiting our dependency even just at nighttime may be well worth the sacrifice. After all, feeling alert and energized is a lot healthier for the mind, body and soul than feeling exhausted all day long.

For more sleep tips and tricks, visit the NSF website,

By Hayley Merchant

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (91)

Ignite Your Fitness With Spark Sport Conditioning

Lifting weights. It sounds so simple, but it’s one of the most effective ways to build power and sculpt the body into the form you’re aiming to achieve. Compound movements and Olympic lifting, when done properly, can help build lean muscle and develop the strength required not only by elite

athletes, but also to haul those groceries into the house after a trip to the store.

Kim Layton from Spark Sport Conditioning takes our readers through a series of these movements that will get your muscles in top form. By performing these basic movements with proper form, you will quickly build that lean muscular physique and increase your overall tone and muscle strength.

These movements do require coaching and the descriptions below have been simplified for the purposes of this magazine. ALL of these movements can also be modified while learning until proper technique is learned. They can also be scaled for those not strong enough to get full range

of motion.

Follow this intermediate body weight workout in a circuit (one exercise to the next) until finished. Rest and hydrate as needed taking care to stop if any dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea or head-

ache arise.

Start with 7 reps of each dropping by a rep each round (7 each, 6 each ... down to 1 of each). If this seems too easy you can start with 10 and go to 1 but if too difficult you can start with 5 and go to 1. Let your body be your guide! Note: you are trying to do this fairly quickly with minimal rest AS LONG AS YOU ARE ABLE TO PERFORM THE MOVEMENTS CORRECTLY AND YOU DO NOT EXPERI-


YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (92)

BROAD JUMP BURPEEPosition a marker on the ground and with a 2 foot takeoff and 2 foot landing jump as far as you can placing a second marker at your heels. This is how far you will need to jump each repetition.

1 2


YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (93)



YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (94)


7 8 9

Drop into a squatting position with your hands on the ground and kick your feet back into the top of a push up. Do a push up (knees up or down depending on your capability) and once back at the top pop your legs back under you and stand. Once vertical, do your broad

jump to next marker and turn around ready for the next burpee - this counts as 1.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (95)

SWITCHBACK LUNGESStep forward and drop your back leg until your knee is about an inch off the floor. On your front leg your knee should not extend beyond your toes. If it does, your step is too short. Once in that position, push back with your front leg and through vertical so your front leg now comes your back leg dropping so your back knee is 1” off the floor. This is considered 1 rep. Change legs and repeat - this is considered your second rep.

1 2

3 4

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (96)

INCHWORMBegin at the top of a plank on your hands. Leaving your hands in place, walk your feet to your hands (or as close as your flexibility allows) using only your ankles and toes - NO KNEES. Once your knees start to bend excessively leave your feet in place and walk your hands out until you are back in starting position. Once back to starting position this is considered 1 rep.




4 5

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (97)

POWER CLEANGrip - Approx shoulder width apart.

Stance - Back is rigid, chest is up, weight in the mid foot, feet between hips and shoulders, elbows turned out, bar touching shins.

1 2

3 4

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (98)

Movement- With a full breath of air and maintaining a flat back, pull the bar to the knees.- Once past the kness, explode as you would in a jump acheiving full hip, knee and ankle extension. At “triple extension” continue the path of the bar upward by shrugging the shoulders and pulling the elbows high and wide.- At the bars height pinnacle pull yourself under the bar while rotating your elbows around and under the bar into the front rack position.- Bar will be “racked” on the shoulders while catching in a squat as deep asnecessary while not going below parallel.


YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (99)

Back Squat- Bar positioned in rack approximately armpit height.- Bar will sit BELOW your C7 vertebrae but above the spines of the scapula (a ridge just under your “traps”). Hand position will vary depending on comfort of lifter and mobility of the shoulders.- Foot position will vary from outside the hips to outside the shoulders depending on each individual’s optimal stance.


YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (100)

Movement- Explode upwards as in jumping to achieve triple extension (fully extended through the hips, knees and shoulders).- Once triple extension is achieved shrug the shoulder and pull the elbow to the ceiling. Once in this top position open the elbow and drop under the DB to catch in a slight squat.- To finish the movement stand up out of the squat and lower weight back to starting position.

Movement- Unrack the bar by standing up out of the rack and taking a couple of steps back.- Take a deep breath and hold while moving the hips back and “sitting” down into posi-tion. A flat back and high chest must be maintained while performing the movement.- Sit down into position with weight in the heels until a position below 90 degrees is achieved (or depth that is able to gained while still maintaining proper position - progress to the point of below parallel).- Once depth has been reached, press through the heels until vertical.


YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (101)


YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (102)


PULL UP- With an overhand grip and elbows at full extension, pull your shoulders back to achieve a solid position.- Take a deep breath and pull until your chin is fully over the bar.- Lower yourself under control back to start position.

YEG Fitness - Nov/Dec 2014 - [PDF Document] (103)



Stay tuned for our next issue, New Year, New YouFeaturing:Pure Wellness Studio - TRXJelena Mrdjenovich Boxing IMS Therapy - Does It Work?Get Fit At Work With Vitalize InitiativesCatch Up With Bryanna and Asha - Our Fitness Challenge Participants

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