Degreeworks Sbu (2024)

1. Degree Works - Division of Information Technology - Stony Brook University

  • Degree Works is a web-based advising tool and degree audit program. It allows a student and faculty advisor to view up-to-date information about a student's ...

  • Degree Works is an easy-to use degree audit tool for undergraduate students and their advisors. 

2. Stony Brook Undergraduate Bulletin - Fall 2024Degree Audit Report

  • The Degree Progress Report (available through Degree Works, at ) evaluates and reports a student's progress ...

  • The Degree Progress Report (available through Degree Works, at ) evaluates and reports a student’s progress toward fulfilling degree requirements. The report is designed to be a helpful advisory tool and is not an official evaluation of a student’s progress . Note that students should consult the major and minor departments to help plan a course schedule that fulfills the requirements for the major or minor.

3. Degree Works - New Mexico Junior College

  • DEGREE WORKS is a web-based degree audit designed to assist students and advising staff with monitoring a student's academic progress toward degree completion.

  • Easy overview of Degree Works

4. Application Material Guidelines | Stony Brook University School of ...

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6. DegreeWorks - Tennessee State University

  • Degree Works is a web-based degree audit and academic planning tool that provides students and advisors with an overview of remaining courses and credit hours ...

  • DegreeWorks for Tennessee State University

7. Suffolk County Community College - Home of the Sharks

  • With the lowest college tuition on Long Island, SUNY Suffolk will show you why an exceptional education doesn't have to be expensive. Academic Affairs ...

  • Need to Speak to Somebody About Enrolling at SUNY Suffolk? Please feel free to contact any of these Enrollment Services Offices directly. Learn More  Student Resources Explore SUNY Suffolk resources, along with links to external organizations that provide support for mental wellness counseling, emergency student loans, food assistance, temporary housing, and much more. Learn More  Commencement Photos View photos from the morning and afternoon ceremonies. Learn More  Virtual Campus Tours Take a virtual tour of our campuses and see why you belong at Suffolk! Learn More  NYS Excelsior Scholarship Application The NYS Excelsior Scholarship application is now available for Fall 2024. The deadline is Aug. 31, 202...

8. How to choose classes at stony brook and what my class schedule looks like

  • Duration: 5:04Posted: Apr 13, 2019

  • In this video, I explain how choosing classes at Stony Brook works and share my class schedule with y'all. Stony Brook makes it super easy to take a ton of classes (if you want), graduate early or graduate with two majors and one (or several minors). One of the things I love about Stony Brook is their wide course offering and many sections for each class. It makes it super easy to take classes when you want, with what professor you want and when scheduling other things (like extracurriculars or jobs).

How to choose classes at stony brook and what my class schedule looks like

9. MSW | Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare

  • The graduate program prepares students for advanced social work practice and is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. It provides students ...

  • Overview The School of Social Welfare provides a learning environment for individuals who wish to deepen and extend their knowledge and experience in bringing about social change.

10. Degreeworks Stony Brook - kaushar marine

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11. [PDF] Degree Works

  • Degree Works. Link: Link to DegreeWorks can also be found on the OBU website under faculty tools at https://www ...

12. Degree Works – CSB+SJU

  • Degree Works is a comprehensive suite of web-based academic advising, degree audit, and course planning tools that aids students and advisors in ...

  • Degree Works is a comprehensive suite of web-based academic advising, degree audit, and course planning tools that aids students and advisors in successfully navigating CSB/SJU's degree requirements.

Degree Works – CSB+SJU

13. Degree Works - Seton Hall University

  • Seton Hall University uses Degree Works to help you successfully navigate graduation requirements and achieve your academic goals.

14. Degree Evaluation - Saint Louis University

  • Degree Works worksheets indicate which program and graduation requirements have been satisfied and those you still must complete. Frequently Asked Questions ...

  • Saint Louis University’s online degree evaluation tool can help you schedule the appropriate courses each semester.

Degree Evaluation - Saint Louis University

15. DegreeWorks - BMCC - CUNY

  • DegreeWorks is the online academic advisem*nt and degree audit system for Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). DegreeWorks provides an accessible ...

16. DegreeWorks - University of North Georgia

  • Degree Works. DegreeWorks is a degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to assist students and advisors in reviewing degree program progress ...

  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has freshly reverberated on college campuses across America, igniting debates and discussions surrounding the fundamental principles of the First Amendment, particularly the rights of free speech and assembly.

DegreeWorks - University of North Georgia
Degreeworks Sbu (2024)


Does Stony Brook use Degree Works? ›

Degree Works is for Stony Brook term-activated undergraduate students and their advisors. Sign into Degree Works using your Stony Brook NetID/NetID password: Go to

How long does it take for DegreeWorks to update? ›

A. The information in DegreeWorks is refreshed each night.

How do you see your major on CUNYfirst? ›

To determine when you declared your Major or Minor, you can go to CUNYfirst Student Center Academics tab to see the Requirement Term listed, or consult your unofficial transcript and search for the first term in which the Major or Minor appears.

What does fall through mean on degree works? ›

Fall Through Courses: Classes that have been taken but do not meet any requirement toward your degree but may still be calculated in your GPA. Insufficient Courses: This block lists any course that's been failed, withdrawn with or without penalty, or uncompleted. These classes may still be counted towards your GPA.

What is the min GPA for Stony Brook? ›

(Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. With a GPA of 3.6, Stony Brook requires you to be above average in your high school class. You'll need at least a mix of A's and B's, with more A's than B's.

What are the disadvantages of Stony Brook University? ›

  • Acceptance rate was 23.8 percentage points less than the national average.
  • Room and board costs were $1,729 above the national average.
  • Average student-to-faculty ratio was two points higher than the national average.

How many times can you change your degree? ›

There's no limit. A good idea is to start out at a college that allows you to be “undecided” for the first two years. That way you get the chance to experience some of the courses that are part of your potential majors and can find out if you can do well in them and if you like them before committing to them.

What does "over the limit" mean on DegreeWorks? ›

Courses in-progress are listed in a separate block as is Over the Limit credits. 5. Over the limit credits refers to courses that are completed or transferred, and are not used toward the current degree program.

How long does it take for degree to show on transcript? ›

Generally, you can expect to see your degree on your transcript within 5-6 weeks following your graduation. Before ordering an official transcript, double-check your unofficial transcript to be sure it says “degree awarded” and shows your degree award date.

What are insufficient grades for degreeworks? ›

Insufficient courses are those with grades that fall below the minimum grade requirements for the currently listed degree/major. These may include courses with a grade of W or F, or repeated, reprieved or renewed courses which are excluded from earned credit hours and grade-point averages.

What's a good GPA in college? ›

Once you're in college, many institutions expect you to maintain at least a 2.0 to remain enrolled. However, programs and scholarships tend to require a higher minimum GPA, usually around 3.0. As you get ready to graduate, a particularly high GPA (3.75 or higher) may mean that you graduate with distinction.

How to calculate GPA on Degreeworks? ›

The Term Calculator will calculate a projected GPA based on estimated grades for the semester. Select the grades you estimate that you will earn in each course listed and click 'Calculate'. The Term Calculator will provide you a forecasted GPA based on the grades inputted.

Is Degreeworks a transcript? ›

The Degree Works audit is an unofficial advising and planning tool. It is not your official academic transcript nor is it your official confirmation of degree completion.

What does not counted mean on Degreeworks? ›

Not counted courses are coursework that is not counted toward graduation requirements. This includes developmental courses as well as attempts that exceed a limit, and duplicate courses. Courses fall into this category because they do not meet a rule somewhere in your degree plan.

Can I lose my degree? ›

Though it's rare for colleges to revoke degrees, it happens. Many schools have policies in place to revoke a degree if a student is discovered to have earned it illegitimately, be it by plagiarism or any other form of academic misconduct.

Does Stony Brook accept by major? ›

Qualified freshman and transfer students who have indicated their interest in the major on their applications for admission to Stony Brook University may be admitted directly as a degree major or as a pre-major.

Is Stony Brook degree worth it? ›

We're proud to offer affordable tuition that means less future debt and real savings that you can invest in your future. And with nearly 95% of our recent graduates either employed or continuing their education, the future you can look forward to is a bright one. Afford Your Dreams.

Does Stony Brook accept 3.0 GPA? ›

An applicant must have a minimum undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 point scale, where A=4.00, A-=3.67, B+=3.33, B=3.00, B-=2.67, C+=2.33, C=2.00, C-=1.67 and D+=1.33, D=1.00, D-=.

Is Stony Brook a dry campus? ›

Alcohol may be purchased, possessed or consumed only by individuals who have attained the age of 21. The purchase of alcohol with state funds is prohibited. Student Responsibility" provided at the end of this policy.


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